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There is a tremendous opportunity to develop a strategy involving distribution and brands on the Internet.

It is easier to obtain high quality product than improve distribution.

Many brands hate e-commerce.

There are more alternatives to improve distribution with the Internet. 

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1)  E-commerce: people love Amazon and hate institutional websites.

2)  prices-stock:  without price the product is incomplete.

3)  where to buy: on the main menu.

4)  responsive web design:  people want the information on their phone and tablet (with responsive tech and effective web navigation).

5)  language: is not a minor issue.  When Amazon want to be in Germany, they speak German.


Atlas Concorde: where to buy is on a second level menu.

Modena and Porcelanosa: have store locations (close to the customer, more consumer friendly than others).

Modena Gruppen AS: is forwarding (a) to

Fiandre:  etc. is forwarding to

Marazzi:  etc.


Ceramica Portinari: is forwarding to

 (a) Domain name forwarding:allows you toredirect multipledomain namesto a single Web address.



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